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Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral fiber mined and imported to Australia that was popular due to its strength, flexibility, lightweight, and affordability. However, once asbestos is broken, sharp fibers can be released into the air. These fibers can be inhaled causing chronic respiratory issues only revealing themselves decades after inhalation. Because of this asbestos was completely banned within Australia in 2003 with bans starting to take place in the mid-1980s.

Identifying Asbestos

If you suspect that there may be asbestos in your home the best thing you can do is get it professionally tested. You can call an accredited professional and they will come to your home and take multiple samples of any suspected asbestos safely and securely then take them to a NATA accredited laboratory for testing, Asbestos Testing Brisbane, this can be done in as little as 24 hours, multiple tests may take longer to achieve accurate results. Once testing is completed these professionals will let you know the results promptly, if asbestos is found they can also go through all of your options to make it safe or to remove it depending on the type, condition, and location of the asbestos in question.

What Are My Asbestos Options?


Encapsulation is the process of sealing the asbestos together with a sealant both on the surface and in the asbestos itself, this is best done by an accredited professional team to ensure full encapsulation. This is most common for roofs as it saves you getting your roof completely redone or replaced, this is an also a good option if you are on a tight budget as it saves you paying for a full roof removal and a brand new roof including insulation and anything else that will need to be relayed, it can also make an old roof look new again as a bonus. This solution is also less invasive and faster than a full roof removal, you may be allowed to stay on the property depending on what your professional team recommends. It is also important to remember that encapsulation is done with A grade sealant specially designed to bond the asbestos together and not just normal paint.


The enclosure is the process of enclosing the area with damaged asbestos in an airtight container to ensure that the asbestos does not escape and be inhaled. It is very important that this is done by an accredited professional to ensure the enclosure is completely airtight. Remember this is a short term option, nobody wants a plastic enclosure in their home forever, however, this can be a good option if you need time to save for a removal, asbestos removal and disposal Brisbane,  or encapsulation.



Removing asbestos is one of the best long term solutions, you can attempt removal yourself if it is legal in your state however it is always recommended to have a professional remove the asbestos to ensure your safety. The cost of removing asbestos professionally varies on where the asbestos is located, the type of asbestos and the condition that it is in. Professionals can come to you to remove the asbestos and can dispose of it legally and in an environmentally friendly manner so they are the best way to go about removal.


In conclusion, dealing with asbestos can be a very straightforward process when you hire an accredited professional if you do decide to try and remove the asbestos by yourself remember to do your research and check your state or territories laws and regulations regarding asbestos removal and disposal.


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